7 thoughts on “We The People

  1. It is such a fine line of keeping yourself informed without collapsing under the weight of it all. I had to talk to my husband about his possibly taking a step away from social media for a few days to recuperate because he was getting ready to lose it, and he said he felt guilty for doing so but I reminded him that we have to keep our strength up and that means practicing self-care as needed.

    I too am steeped in history! I got my BA in history in 2004. And it is scary how people are willing to set aside the lessons of the past.

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  2. “In the past week, I’ve experienced just enough of politics to know I walk the thin line between staying informed and draining myself of all hope- a dichotomy shared by too many others like me.” This perfectly articulates the feelings of many socially conscious. I’m glad that I am connected to your blog. I can’t wait to explore more posts!


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